Covered oval roaster Pan


You will not be seeing many roaster pans that are large enough to roast your whole piece of meat but this Covered Oval roaster by Looks Cookware (currently known as Danesco) can as it is a large nonstick roaster pan which is designed to perfection specially for roasting food such as meat and vegetables. Continue reading below to find more about this nonstick roaster.

It is a large covered oval roaster pan having a capacity of 9.5 quart. An oval shaped roaster is preferred over a round shaped roaster pan because of the fact that it can accommodate larger pieces of meat. The idea behind a covered roaster having a glass lid was to allow cooks to monitor their food whether on stove top or inside oven. The glass lid in this oval roaster is of dome shape which allows enough space for collection of all the steam and aroma and since the glass lid is heavy enough it also provides perfect sealing and does not allow even the slightest amount of steam to escape.

To further add to this elegant looking roaster pan, its complete body is coated with nonstick covering. Unlike other roaster pans, its exterior is also coated with nonstick material to make this very easy to clean. The addition of titanium makes this nonstick roaster pan even more durable and if taken proper care, it will last for years.

Other features in this Covered oval roaster include two carrying handles which remain heat-free during the cooking process, either on stove top on inside oven. The manufacturer clearly indicated that this nonstick roaster pan is oven safe up yo 500 F. Another plus about this roaster pan is its anti-hot-spot base which is been made extra thick to allow heat to conduct uniformly and thus eliminating any hot spot areas which will burn the portion of the food in contact.

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