Steel Ice Bucket by Oxo



Today we have picked a very handy and elegant looking party item, an ice bucket by Oxo. It is a steel ice bucket with elegant appearance and plenty of space for lots of ice cubes for a party or even picnic trip. Continue reading below to learn more about this ice bucket set.

This steel ice bucket by Oxo is one of a kind with an attached tong holder that safely houses your tong after you have used it. Not only the tong holder looks good but it can easily be removed and stored inside the ice bucket when not in use. This Oxo ice bucket comes with tong so you need not to spend extra for that.

The steel ice bucket is double walled which means that ice will remain ice for longer as compared to single wall construction. This double insulation also makes the ice bucket more rugged. The steel construction makes this ice bucket even more durable and it is meant to last for years. This is the only reason many people prefer to buy steel ice buckets as compared to those low quality plastic ice buckets that breaks only after few weeks of use.

This Oxo steel ice bucket has a very handy carrying handle with soft grip plus it also features a non slip base that keeps that ice bucket from sliding and keeps it stationary on counter and table tops. This Oxo ice bucket has a capacity of 4 quarts which is plenty of space for ice cubes for a party. The ice bucket also has a top covering lid that also ensures that ice receives added insulation not only from sidewalls but also from the top. The base is designed in the way that it keeps ice water separate from ice cubes.

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