Delecious Shrimp Tempura
Preparation time : 10 mins | Serves 2-3 persons

Tempura, one of my favorite Asian food is prepared in a variety of method by different ingredient for example they can be made of chicken, prawn, shrimps, vegetable etc. But the one which is more popular is shrimp tempura. When cooking any tempura at home keep in mind that the batter for actual tempura remains same.


1. Take a piece of shrimp and make light cuts on it using knife very carefully in diagonal direction and turn it to press, the shrimps will become straight.
2. Make batter suing egg yolks, flour, corn flour, baking soda, salt and little water. The batter should not so thick and thin.
3. Now Heat oil in a deep pan of appropriate size so that prawns would fry well, dip the shrimps in heated oil one by one and let them fry for 1-2 minutes only.
4. Take out the shrimps from the oil and serve your shrimp tempura with ketchup.