Homemade Kit KatPreparation time : 10 min. + 1 hr. Refrigeration time | Serves 10 large bars

This kit kat recipe is prepared with wafer biscuits which you can also prepare with crackers. The chocolate sauce used in this recipe is plain but you can make it rich by adding chunks of nuts like peanuts and also peanut butter or butterscotch would definitely make these kit kat bars extra delicious.


1½ cup grated cooking chocolate
2 packs wafer biscuits or crackers
5 tbsp butter
6 tbsp brown sugar
1½ cup cream


1. Melt chocolate over double boiler, then remove pan from heat add it to butter, brown sugar and cream. Mix well and again cook over low heat till become smooth batter and sugar melts completely.
2. Take a rectangular dish, spread wax paper at the base, spread ⅓ of the prepared chocolate mixture over the wax sheet evenly. Line half of the wafers or crackers over the mixture, pour remaining half of the mixture over the wafers and again repeat the layers followed by wafers and chocolate. Drizzle chocolate in the end in such away that it would cover sides and top completely.
3. Now place the dish in refrigerator for at least an hour till it gets firm, then cut into bars.

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