A view of no bake cheesecake, Strawberry cheesecake

Preparation time : 30 mins + freezing time | Serves 8 persons

No bake cheesecakes are very easy to make in very short time and different flavors of fruits can be added to it like strawberry, mango etc. Cheesecakes are usually served as dessert on occasions like any anniversaries and is also considered top gift item. Cheesecakes are dairy desserts as they contain milk, cream and cheese.

200g ground digestive biscuits or as required (depends upon the size of your pan)

For Batter:
100g Melted butter (as required according to quantity of biscuits)
100g condense milk
100g whipped cream
100g cream cheese
2 tbspn gelatin powder
½ cup strawberry paste

Lenox Forevermore Silver-Plated 2-Piece Dessert Set
Kaiser LaForme Springform Pan
MIU Stainless-Steel 7-Piece Measuring Cup Set

1. Take a deep pan of cake and mix ground biscuits and butter together so that crumbs of biscuits have been formed and after that by pressing make its layer on the base of the pan around ½ to 1 inch thick.
2. Put the pan in the microwave for just 2 mins and then leave it in fridge for 15 minutes so that the ground biscuits have been set and make crust layer.
3. Now in other bowl mix using beater cream cheese, whipped cream, condense milk and strawberry paste (you can also used crushed strawberries).
4. Make a paste of gelatin powder and ¼ cup water. Boil water in a deep pan and put the bowl of gelatin paste on it and stir continuously to dissolve it.
5. Mix the melted gelatin in the cream mixture. You can use this batter in strawberry cake also.
6. Take out the pan of crust from the fridge and pour this batter over it and leave in the fridge for 3 hrs.

When cake has been set after 3 hrs garnish it with strawberries and serve your No bake cheesecake with any other snack like Donuts.