Strawberry Mousse Cake


Preparation time 1hr. | Serves 8 persons

This Strawberry cake recipe is a result of my experimentation and creation in which I just used the recipe of sponge cake and assembled it with strawberry mousse or cheesecake filling.

For Mousse:
Follow the Cheesecake ingredients for Mousse

For Cake:
2 eggs
4 oz plane flour
4 oz icing sugar
4 oz butter melted (or 2 oz oil and 2 oz butter)
2-3 tbspn milk
1 tspn baking powder

For Cake Preparation:
1. Click here to see the recipe of plain cake.
2. After cake is baked cool it at room temperature and then cut its browns sides very carefully and then cut the cake horizontally from the middle to divide it into two equal pieces.
3. Pour 3-4 tbspn of any juice over both pieces.

For Mousse Preparation:
1. Use half of the ingredients and mix together using beater as mentioned in the steps 3 to 5 of cheese cake recipe and rest half of the ingredients mix when the first mousse layer is set (after freeze)

Assembling of Mousse cake:
1. On one piece of cake pour half of the mixed mousse batter over it and put in fridge for 25 mins to set the layer.
2. After 30 mins, take out the cake from the fridge and place another piece of cake over it and pour the rest of mousse batter over it and put it again in fridge for 25 mins.
3. Toping is your own choice you may either use jelly for the top layer or pour some strawberry paste over it and freeze it again for some times to set it.

Delicious strawberry mousse cake or simply strawberry cake is ready to serve. It can also be served with some other snacks such as Donuts of different toppings.

Note : In order to decorate cakes with a professional touch, refer to the book titled : Professional cake decorating.