brownie triflePreparation time : 40 min + Refrigeration time | Serves 8 persons

This brownie trifle recipe is prepared with multiple layers including brownies, chocolate pudding, toffee bits and whipped cream; thus become rich tempting dessert. In this recipe prepared brownies mix and instant pudding mix is used to save time but you can replace it with your homemade brownie and chocolate pudding.


1 box plain brownie mix (for medium size)
2 tbsp coffee essence or dissolve instant coffee in ΒΌ cup hot water
8 oz instant chocolate fudge pudding
4 cup milk
10 oz toffee bits
16 oz whipped for topping


1. According to the package instructions prepare brownie, pour coffee essence over the whole brownie and then cut it into square pieces after cool it to room temperature.
2. Prepare pudding with milk according to the package instructions.
3. In a serving glass bowl, make layer of half of the brownie pieces, pour half of the prepared chocolate pudding, then make layer of half of the toffee bits and finally cover with half of the whipped cream. Repeat this pattern of layer again and spread remaining toffee bits on top and refrigerate for overnight.

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