Lemon-TartsPreparation time : 40 mins. | Serves 8-10 cups

This lemon tart recipe is prepared in a simple fashion and no other flavor is used in the recipe except lemon. In this recipe it is prepared in tart cups but you can apply this for a single tart pan also.


For Pastry Dough:

7 oz all purpose flour
3 tbsp castor sugar
3½ oz butter (softened)
1 egg

For Lemon Curd:

4 eggs
3½ oz butter
2 lemon juice
6 oz sugar


1. In a mixing bowl. combine flour and butter to make soft crumbs like texture.
2. Now gradually add beaten egg and mix it nicely with the crumbs so that smooth dough would form. Then cover the dough with plastic sheet and leave it for half an hour in fridge.
3. After that, roll the dough to make slight larger than the area of your tart pan or if you have tart cups then divide dough into small balls and roll each of them enough to cover the whole cup of tart. Cut the extra edges for knife and prick the dough with a fork in the center.
4. Now bake the dough for 20 mins. at 375 degrees F till become light golden.
5. Meanwhile prepare lemon curd, for that beat eggs in the mixing bowl so that ypolks and whites mixes well.
6. Then add lemon juice, sugar and butter in the egg and cook the mixture in saucepan over low heat.
7. Stir continuously while cooking to avoid making lumps. When the mixture gets thick switch off the flame and pour it onto the baked pastry cups, top with some lemon slices or cherries and served it as it is or after chill.

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