Buttermilk Recipe
Preparation time : 15mins

This recipe is for making a substitute for buttermilk which is a light milk as it has low fat contents as compared to organic milk. Sometimes milk gets spoiled by getting exposed to air for long and we usually do not use milk in that form. But that form of milk is what we call buttermilk and it can be utilized in making sweet dishes like Halwa, khoya etc. Buttermilk is also used in many other recipes for example I use my homemade butter milk to make KFC like Cole slaw at home. Buttermilk has more or less the same milk nutrition. The use of buttermilk is common in many Pakistani and Indian cooking recipes.

1 tbsp lemon juice or white vinegar
1 cup milk

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1. Put lemon juice or vinegar in a cup of milk and leave for at least 15mins in the room.
2. After about 15min of time lumps will be formed in the milk .
3. This is so called buttermilk. Blend the mixture if you want to make it smooth.