Generally Buffet Warmer servers are used for commercial purpose but nowadays, manufacturer brings these kind of serving stuffs for home use also. These buffet warmers are best for any dinner, lunch or tea party at home. The collection of these buffet warmers consists of normal size dished which are place collectively on a single warming tray that keeps your food warm. In this article two types of Buffet Warmer servers are reviewed – Disposable and Stainless steel.

Disposable Buffet Warmer From Clear Lake Enterprises

Disposable Buffet Serving kit

This type of Buffet Warmer is designed for budget purpose, as the disposable serving stuffs can be easily available in packs which can be used multiple times. Similarly this Disposable Buffet Warmer offering total 33-pieces buffet serving kit which makes 3 sets. Each set consists of 11-piece serving items, these items include:

Items Quantity
Wire Chafing Rack 1
Cans Jelled Chafing Fuel 2
Full Size Foil Water Pan 1
Half Size Foil Food Pans 2
Serving Spoons 2
Serving Forks 2
Serving Tong 1

Though it is not fancy at all but works great for home parties of around 50-70 people don’t matter whether the party is outside or inside. In each case your food stays warm for 3-4 hrs. This budget friendly Disposable Buffet Warmer is sufficient to serve up to 50 people party available at Amazon store for only $29.99 with Free Shipping.

Stainless Steel Buffet Warmer

Waring Professional Buffet Warmer
Waring Buffet Warmer
This is brushed stainless steel body Buffet Warmer from Waring which includes, buffet servers and warming tray. The design is electrical and works by adjusting the temperature control knob which ranges from 150 to 200 degrees F. The clear polycarbonate lids keep your dishes warm and enticing and include a handy serving utensil slot. This Waring Pro BFS50B Buffet kit consists of three 2.5-quart size chafing or warming dishes having capacity to carry around 80 ounces of food in each dish. this makes for 20 servings.

This is a best design Buffet Warmer which is perfect for an elegant brunch celebration or a casual dinner party. The Buffet Warming Tray can be used for warming other than these chafers for instance; you can put your casserole dish, serving bowls on this tray to keep your food warm. You can have this great Waring Buffet Warmer at 54% discount rate from Amazon store With Free Shipping.

Nostalgia Mini Buffet Warmer

Nostalgia Buffet Server

If you want slightly bigger size Buffet Warmer, then this Living By Nostalgia BCD332 3-Station Mini Buffet Server with Warming Tray is designed for you. It consists of three 3.5-quart stainless steel chafing dishes which is sufficient for 10-servings at a time. This electric Nostalgia Mini Buffet warmer works on three temperatures- Low, Medium and High. Like waring Buffet Warmer, its Nostalgia Warming tray can also be worked stand alone to keep warm other food containers placed on it.

This Nostalgia Buffet Warmer is available at 60% discount rate from Amazon Store with Free Shipping.