Cakes Boxes for bakery cake delivery services


Cakes Boxes are essential both in bakery and other tasks involving cakes delivery from one place to another. The one shown above is for the same purpose. It is white in color and holds cakes that are less than 10 inch either in diameter or in width / length. Continue reading below to learn more about these bakery cake boxes.

Most of the time cakes boxes are supplied in packs which means you have to purchase the entire pack which can contain anywhere from 10-100 such cake boxes. The one we have listed above comes in a pack of 100 with a single cake box costing just under $0.50. These are very cheap and are as well very handy when it comes to holding and delivering cakes from place to place.

These bakery cake boxes measure 10 x 10 x 5.5 inch and are made of regular cardboard material which is used in making all sorts of cardboard boxes for similar kind of bakery supplies.

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