PUR stage water dispenser


Today we have picked a very useful item for our review. Those who are worried about the quality of filtered water they consume on daily basis might want to read the entire review. The picture shown above is of PUR water dispenser that unlike other water dispensers does not require electrical power. Continue reading below to learn more about this water dispenser by PUR.

It is a stage water dispenser which means it works on the principle of gravity to filter and pass tap water through its multi-stage filter. The stage filter retains useful fluorides in water while filters out metals and various other microbiological cysts. This multi-stage water dispenser also removes bad taste as well as odor from water.

The PUR water dispenser is designed in a way that it can be kept in all sizes of refrigerators or it can be left on counter tops. Many people end up getting two of these, one for cold water stored in their fridge while other for room temperature water. Compared to the other water dispensers out there, two things you cannot beat about PUR water dispensers, one being price and the other being flexibility of use and maintenance.

The compact design makes it fit easily in sinks, for refilling. There are two carrying handles on either side. The filter has a smart gauge that tells you when exactly it needs replacement. Filters can easily be purchased separately. Depending upon how often you use it, a filter needs to be replaced after every 2-3 months. The PUR stage water dispenser has a capacity of 18 cups.

Where To Buy ?

The PUR water filter dispenser can easily be bought online from Amazon.com (with FREE shipping) at a special 30% discount price till stock lasts. You can also browse the list of other best selling water dispensers. The list is updated every hour.