Riedel stemless glass set

When looking for an elegant looking stemless glass set, there are only a few glass makers that can combine clarity of the glass with the liquid within to picture the true essence of flavorful wine or any other drink. Riedel stemless glasses are of such nature and are rated as the top selling wine glasses presented as gifts. Continue reading below to learn more about this particular glass set we are talking about.

Named as Vinum Single Malt Glasses, each glass is 4 1/2 inches tall with its stem so short that it can also be considered as a stemless glass set. Each glass in this Riedel Stemless glass Set has a capacity of 7 ounces when filled completely. Each glass has 24% of lead crystal for making it absolute crystal clear and enhancing the effect of your drink.

All Riedel glasses are prepared by Australian, Scottish and other world renowned glass makers are are best suited for bridal gifts and other gift giving occasions. This set has two glasses and will turn out to be a very pleasant gift for any couple who enjoy glass of tasty wine together and that also very often. If you want ot entertain your guests with with glass set the order more than one set. Unlike other stemless glass sets, this Riedel stemless glass set is not very expensive due to the fact that it is machine made.

Although the Riedel stemless glasses can be washed in a dishwasher but the manufacturer strongly recommends that you only hand wash them to avoid any chances of residual detergent.

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