Prepara herb Savor - Fresh Herbs Storage


It is very common that when you buy fresh herbs and cook them after a day or two, they do not taste as fresh as they should be. For the very reason, the Prepara herb savor was introduced. It has the capability of prolonging the life of fresh herbs after they have been harvested or taken out from pots. Continue reading below to learn more about this herb savor home gadget.

You can store your fresh herbs in this Prepara herb savor as it is designed to prolong the freshness of herbs up to 3 weeks. Herbs are stored in the Prepara herb savor in a way that they are partially submerged in water which keeps the herbs fresh for a few weeks. This fresh herb savor has handy water well designed for this purpose. The water well has an easily refillable base. This gadget features a removable stainless steel herb basket for storing your fresh herbs.

The Prepara fresh herb savor was designed to fit easily inside refrigerator doors. It is just 2.5 inches thick weighing just 1.6 lbs. You can place the herbs inside the herb savor and place the prepara herb savor in your refrigerator and enjoy fresh herbs in your food for as long as three weeks. No other tools or method can retain herb freshness better than this handy home gadget. With this herb savor you can store almost all kinds of herbs from parsley to bulky woody stemmed herbs like rosemary, thyme etc.

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