Mayo and Ketchup Dip Suace
Preparation time : 5 mins

When we talk about Italian cooking, pasta is more likely to be included in conversation. When you are cooking pasta dinner, make sure you have this easy to make pasta sauce already prepared. When mayo and tomato ketchup are mixed together and little amount of milk is also added, an excellent dip sauce is formed which is ready to be served with any snack like fried chicken, french fries or pasta.Apart from hot sauces, mayonnaise and ketchup are most favorite dip sauces of youngsters and this pasta sauce recipe will also have a very pleasant taste.

1 cup mayonnaise
1 tbspn tomato kethcup
1 tbspn chili garlic sauce
4 tbsn of milk

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1. In a bowl, mix milk and mayonnaise well.
2. Add rest of ingredients in it and mix.
3. Delicious mayonnaise dip sauce is ready to eat with snacks.

Pasta sauce can be served with any pasta dish or with fried chicken.