Pecan Cookies

Preparation time (approx) : 35 mins | Serves 12 persons
Most of the cookies are made by the same method .The only difference is the addition of particular flavor like any dry fruits or chocolate .This enhances the flavor of cookies and gives it unique taste. In this recipe pecan is used in the filling of cup cookie along with egg and brown sugar,which are the main ingredients for making filling of pecan cookie. This butter pecan cookie is usually served after refrigeration .

3 tbspn cream cheese
1 cup plane flour
½ cup butter (approx. 100 gms)
1 cup pecan (crushed)
1 egg
3 tbspn brown sugar

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1. In bowl mix flour, butter and cream cheese and form smooth dough.
2. In a cookie tray make cups of dough so that the side of each cup is not so thin and thick. To make good shape cups put a small piece of dough in a cup of tray and slightly press and spread it along the sides to cover it.
3. In a bowl mix egg, brawn sugar and pecan.
4. Put 1-2 tbspn of this mixture in every cup.
5. Preheat oven to 250 oF or 300oF and bake the cookies for 15 minutes. To check weather the cookies are baked well, push each cup from bottom and if cup easily goes out of the tray and sides of tray are clean then it is done.
6. Freeze the cookies for 1 hour and then enjoy the delicious cookies.

Note: Using these quantities, 24 cookies are made. To make even and fine base of cookie keep this quantity of ingredients in mind otherwise your cookie will not become crispy and soft.