butter pecan ice creamPreparation time : 60 min (approx.) | Serves 1 quart

In this recipe of butter pecan ice cream, delicious buttered pecans are used which gives great taste to the ice cream. Powdered toasted pecans are used so that flavor of pecan would spread all over the ice cream batter while some coarsely chopped pecan may also use as topping for the ice cream.


2 cups whole milk
1 cup heavy cream
4.5 oz light brown sugar (divided)
4 large egg yolks
Pinch of salt
1 cup butter pecans (finely ground)
½ tsp vanilla extract


1. In a sauce pan simmer milk, cream and half quantity of brown sugar for just 5 min, keep stirring in between so that mixture would not get boil you just need to warm and mix the mixture.
2. Whisk together remaining brown sugar, egg yolks and salt in a mixing bowl.
3. Slowly pour 2/3 of the milk mixture to the egg yolk mixture and constantly stir while adding so that smooth mixture would form.
4. After that add this mixture to the remaining milk mixture and again cook on low heat until batter gets thick, stirring in between so that batter may not stick to the pan.
5. When the mixture gets warm, strain it using fine strainer so that batter would be smooth.
6. Add the ground butter pecans and vanilla to the batter and mix well.
7. When the batter gets cool to room temperature, pour it to your ice cream maker and then follow the instructions. It would be batter practice for making perfect ice cream that refrigerate the batter for at least half an hour and then transfer to ice cream maker in that case ice cream would take less time in beating and perfect scoop will form.

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