Spaghetti BolognesePreparation time : 30 mins. | Serves 4 persons

This simple spaghetti bolognese is prepared with ground beef with few ingredients. The sour taste of tomatoes and chicken cube flavor dominates in the recipe. You may make it spicy by adding jalapeno or crushed red chili in the beef.

Ingredients :

3 tbsp olive oil
1 lb ground beef (leaned)
1 large onion (chopped)
2 celery stalks (sliced)
1 tbsp flour
2 garlic cloves (crushed)
4 tbsp tomato puree
4 tomatoes (chopped)
2 chicken cubes
Salt and pepper to taste
1 lb spaghetti
Grated Parmesan cheese for topping

Procedure :

1. Boil spaghetti according to the package instructions and then set aside.
2. Take a saucepan, saute onion in oil until become pink.
3. Then add ground beef and cook over high heat until gets dry and brown.
4. Add celery, flour, garlic and tomato puree, stir and cook over medium heat for 5-8 min.
5. Dissolve chicken cube in a cup of hot water and add it to the beef mixture along with tomatoes and seasoning of salt and pepper. Simmer for about 10 mins. till tomatoes gets soft and all flavors mix well.
6. Take out the cooked spaghetti into the serving platter, pour the prepared ground beef over the spaghetti and top with parmesan cheese.

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