Danby is a renowned name in household appliances manufacturers and refrigerators are one of its major product. The Danby Refrigerator DAR440BL is a 4.4 Cu. Ft. Compact All fridge with some unique features. This compact model can be called as room fridge as it can be fit nicely at small areas of your house. More importantly it is Energy Star rating of Danby which tells you that you don’t need to get worry about the manufacturer.

The body of the Danby Refrigerator has a scratch resistant worktop and a smooth back design for a flush fit against walls. While looking at its features you will find that it is designed with :

  • Canstor® beverage dispenser for holding cans or bottles.
  • Adjustable door shelves so that you can change the direction of the door opening according to your ease.
  • Automatic defrost using a cooling plate mounted in the rear wall of refrigerator having channel for defrost water.
  • Mechanical thermostat
  • 2.5 wire shelves for maximum storage versatility
  • Interior Light
  • Integrated Door handle

Danby Refrigerator DAR440BL has areas defined for keeping particular food items; like yogurt, eggs, butter, cheese, small packages and beverages should be kept at the door liner area while other stuffs like; bowls, fruits, small containers can be placed onto the shelves.

The most important function for any kind of refrigerator is the temperature control; so like others it has temperature control knob resides inside at the ceiling of the cabinet. you can set the desired temperature by considering two things in mind; that how frequent you open the door and how much quantity of items you put into the fridge. As frequent opening and large amount of food items reduces the temperature and you will have to keep the knob at highest possible cooling temperature.

As far as cleaning of fridge is concerned, its not a big deal with the Danby Refrigerator DAR440BL since it is built with automatic defrost feature. You just need to wash the wires with soapy water but should not put into the dishwasher. While the interior body can be cleaned with lukewarm water or vinegar using damp cloth.

Where to Buy?

Danby Refrigerator DAR440BL is easily available at Amazon Store at 32% discount rate of $169 with Free Super Saver Shipping.