Mushroom RisottoPreparation time: 30 mins. | Serves 2 persons

This Easy Mushroom Risotto is a yummy Italian rice recipe prepared with sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms. You may also prepare this rice with other flavors like chicken, spinach, etc. The main ingredients of this recipe are Arborio rice and sun-dried tomato which actually develop the taste.


2 tbsp corn oil
1 small onion (chopped)
1 tsp celery (finely chopped)
¼ cup mushroom (chopped)
1 cup Arborio rice
2-3 sun-dried tomatoes (chopped)
¼ tsp basil
¼ tsp white pepper
2½ cup chicken stock
Salt to taste
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp parmesan cheese


1. Heat oil in a heavy pan, sauté onion, and celery in it for just 2 mins.
2. Add mushroom and rice and cook for 2-3 mins. more.
3. Now add sun-dried tomatoes, basil, white pepper, salt, and chicken stock and cook over high heat until the liquid absorbs in the rice.
4. After that add butter and reduce the flame to simmer and then cook until the rice is cooked thoroughly.
5. Serve the hot Mushroom Risotto with the topping of some parmesan cheese.