Hula PiePreparation time : 10 mins. + Freezing time | Serves 4 persons

Hula Pie is prepared with special macadamia flavoured ice cream or frozen yogurt, chocolate cookies crust and yummy chocolate syrup or fudge topping. Since macadamia flavoured ice cream is not available everywhere, therefore, in this recipe macadamia is mixed in plain vanilla ice cream or yogurt instead of adding macadamia ice cream.


1 pckg dark chocolate cookies (crushed)
2¼ cup vanilla frozen yogurt or ice cream (slightly softened)
¼ cup chocolate syrup
6 tbsp whipped cream
½ cup macadamia nuts (coarsely chopped)


1. Take a pie dish, make a layer of dark chocolate crumbs on it and press tightly to pack and then put it in fridge to set.
2. In a mixing bowl, whisk together yogurt and ¼ cup of macadamia nuts.
3. Pour it onto the cookies crumb and freeze for at least an hour.
4. After that drizzle some chocolate syrup, top with whipped cream and sprinkle remaining macadamia nuts on top before serving.

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